Rick Clark @ The Restoration Lady

Rick Clark

Darin has been my go to IT Specialist for the last five years. He has assisted me in website creation, website design, business logo creation, paperless file storage, mobile office setup, home theatre setup and many other odds and ends in between. By taking his suggestions we are saving hundreds of dollars a month using the equipment and ideas that he has recommended. Before we met, I was stuck with the run of the mill, larger tech stores to assist with my technology needs. I spent thousands of dollars and truly never felt satisfied with the results. My experience with Darin has been the exact opposite. He has far exceeded my expectations on every level. I have referred his services to several other companies and countless friends and family members and they all continue to use him to this day.

Darin has played a major role in helping to keep my business running successfully for years. No matter the size or complexity of your project, Darin is the man for the job. If you are using anyone else you are really selling yourself short.

It's not often that you find great customer service, great product knowledge and services along with competitive pricing all in one company, but that is in fact what I have found in Darin. I genuinely feel as if I have hired a full time team of IT professionals to keep my personal life and business up and running but for a reasonable and fair price.


Rick Clark, Co-Owner